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“Team strength and maturity encourages creativity”

Montreal, March 27th, 2018

Canada-based digital agency Nixa always seeks to innovate by developing practical solutions to accelerate the development of web projects. Its mission is to offer the highest quality of web development services, while accepting complex web projects and delivering on time.

Efficiency, quality and transparency are the goals that every member of the agency seeks, including its CEO Marc Adam. In an interview with TIA, Adam gives us an inside peak on the daily work at the agency, describing Nixa’s core values and work processes.

How could you describe the creativity culture at the agency? How is that culture cultivated and maintained?

We have free snacks and a candy bar. We also offer flexible hours, a lounge area, beers on Fridays at the end of the day and team building activities, all more unique than the others. However, it is the team strength and maturity that encourages creativity while keeping the focus on customer satisfaction.

What are the skills someone should have to be part of your agency?

Technical skills in coding, analytical mind, desire to solve complex problems and active learning skills are essential to be part of the Nixa’s team.

Could you describe your hiring process?

We have a four-steps hiring process. First, an interesting candidate will have a 10 minutes phone interview. Then, she or he will be invited to a technical test at Nixa’s office. The candidate can feel and have a sneak peek of how is it to work at Nixa and picture them working with us. If by then everything is good, and the test results meets our criteria, the candidate will have an interview with the management team. Currently we are looking for a Back-end and Front-end intermediate to senior candidate developer.

How do you motivate team members to achieve more?

We have exciting and challenging projects, we work with the best technologies available and we always learn new stuff. When you learn every day, chances are that you’ll be motivated to achieve more!

How important is team work at the agency and how do you encourage it?

Team work is essential. If a developer is stuck on a bug, chances are that his coworkers can help him in a few minutes. We do team pairing by projects, daily stand up meetings, monthly team building activities and many more initiatives!

What is the communication style within the team? Do you use any apps or tools?

We avoid internal email because It’s slow and CC’s are killing productivity. We prefer to use Slack, which is more direct and efficient.

What piece of advice would you give a recent grad looking to work in digital industry?

You need to work more than your average coworkers if you want to achieve more. You need to be ready to do the extra mile if you want to be successful.

Thanks Marc!

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