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Back in the day, there were two parallel worlds – the offline world and the online world. Communication between the two was non-existent. Our vision has always been that the consumer lives in both worlds, but different aspects speak to that consumer at different times. That is why our first step is to get to know and understand the consumer. Thanks to the digital space, we are able to reach that goal in real time. This is where our research and data allows us to precise and effective. “To become protagonist in the actual world, it’s necessary to think digital.”Effectiveness, creativity and innovation are our pillars. We understand that people are growing with their world at their fingertips and Digital is our DNA. 

Headquarters: Cra. 17 No. 93A – 41, Bogota, Colombia
+ Offices in Miami, Sao Paulo, Mexico, Lima, San Salvador, Santiago, Quito, GuayaquilNew York and Buenos Aires.

Tel: +1 305-351-0241


Clients: Red Bull, Reebook, Samsung, Movistar, Nissan, Seat, Telemundo, Visa, Adidas, Audi, BMW, Johnnie Wlaker, KIA, Lego, Mazda, Michelin, MacDonalds, British Councils, Coca-Cola, Deezer, Dove, FedEx, Ford, HBO, Hilton, Nokia,Honda, Hp, HSBC

Ariadna - digital - agency - colombia


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Services: eCommerce, Digital Strategy, CMS, UX, Mobile Design, Custom Application Development, Web Design, Print Web, Display Ads, 3D Animation/Gaming, Content Creation, Ad Tracking, Heatmaps, Custom Measurement Projects