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Multiweb was established in 2003 as a traditional communication agency. In August 2006 we turned digital agency to meet the new demands of today’s world. With a structured team to work in various areas of technology and communication, Multiweb is one of five founding agencies and serves on the board of Amadi – Mining Association of Digital Agencies, which, along with other regional initiated the national movement of ABRADi Brazilian Association Digital agencies.

Headquarters: Av. Carandaí, 288 – 2º andar, Funcionários, Belo Horizonte, MG, Brasil

Tel: (31) 2551-5183

Clients: Villa Vittini, Super Nosso, Dta Jeans, Lisbella, Elbosas Mary Kay, Clamper, Ikebana Flores

Multiweb - Digital - agency - Brazil


Social Media

Services: Marketing Digital, Website design, Social Media, SEO, E-commerce, Internet, E-mail marketing