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In the last 10 years, we have served two distinct audiences: for 2 years as a producer of large agencies, producing projects for renowned brands such as Coca-Cola, Motorola, Mitsubishi, among others, and in the last eight years, by virtue of natural evolution, competency-based and results, we act as a creative agency. We preach transparency in the relationship with our customers, we will not give up the application of methodology for the planning and development of any project, and always, always the same, we deliver what we sell! We love power “breathe the same air” to our customers and we can also breathe “wear their shirts” due to our commitment to the success of the projects we undertake. The Neotix’s it. We like to surprise! We love being able to go where, beyond! We strive to demonstrate that knowledge in technology should be applied to transform “wants” and “desires” in reality, but with a big difference: they will generate business.

Headquarters: Rua Barão Do Triunfo, 88, Cj 406, Campo Belo, São Paulo, Brasil

Tel: +55 11 5102-4717


Clients: Decoradornet, Helbor, UpCon, BancoVotorantim, Bueno Netto, Método, Lorenge, Engelux, Vitacon, Touch Pizza, Solbrasil

Neotix - Brasil - Digital - Agency


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Services: Website, Web Application, Social Media, Facebook app, Mobile application, Branding, E-commerce, Online Campaign, Marketing, Design, Digital Application, Design Logo, Slogan