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We are an agency that manages to change the life of the brands. The agency that no company wants to see working for its competition. The one that does the works on which people comment. So feminine and so masculine, so conservative and so transgressive, so Uruguayan and so international as needed in every occasion. The agency that above all respects his members, his clients and the consumers. We are the agency that creates the advertising in which we believe.

Headquarters: Dr. Luis Piera 1981, CP 11.200, Montevideo, Uruguay

Tel: (+598)-24131415

Clients: Abott, Amec, Armiño, Club El País, Electrolux, Gador, Prili, Puma, Chrysler, JAC Motors, Mobil, Ricard, TGLT, Claro, Montevideo College, Puma

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