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We are artists, designers, engineers, thinkers and learners, builders and dreamers hell bent on building the best damn digital products possible while disrupting the status quo as often as possible.

Headquarters: 33 Irving Pl, New York, United States

Tel: 646-653-9028


Staff: 21 – 100

Clients: AARP, Nextt, Nameless.TV, King&Partners, Nissan, Bose, InteriorDefine, WME/IMG, Fashion Media Group, Tris3ct, HTC, Momentum WW, Maderas Labs, Slingshot VR, PaidEasy


Services: Analytics + Data Analysis, Brand Experience Design, Business Analysis, Communication, Strategy, Consumer Insights, Digital Brand Strategy, Engineering Strategy, IP Development, Narrative Design, 2D + 3D Animation, Brand Identity, Concept Development, Copywriting, Experiential Design, Motion Tracking, Product Design, Schematic Design, Sensor Integration, Software Integration, VR + AR