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At Slicedbread, our agency works with brands to turn them into disruptive agents of change. We understand that going “digital” is more than a just a few tactics. It’s a complete internal paradigm shift. What we do is simple: help brands, products, and personalities become a movement that elevates them to the top of their market stratosphere. How we do it is creative: employ a diverse strategy of digital tactics that focus on crafting brand messages that resonate with those who buy, deploying strategic advertising campaigns, and engaging influencers who drive brand advocation.

Headquarters: 2409 Main Street Suite C, Santa Monica, CA 90405

Tel: 310-853-1500


Clients: Tech Armor, Uag, Oliso, Planet Beauty, Re Play, Sports Research, Alexis Vogel, Collegiate Standard, Mukava Tables, Less Percent, Perfectly Priscilla, DVDyourmemories, Vioski, Alixandra collections.

Slicedbread - Santa Monica - Agency - Digital


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