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Unleashing Innovation in Blockchain

Unleashing Innovation in Blockchain

Cross-industry leaders will come together in dialogue about current and future projects using blockchain technologies, in the spirit of innovation. Today’s leaders need to be equipped with the knowledge, insights and inspiration to conquer business challenges and enable intelligent decision-making. There is the need to understand the effects of blockchain as a disruptor, and to consider what the shape of these new ecosystem infrastructures and markets will be.

But what is the value of distributed ledger technology for business? How can blockchain reduce costs and increase enterprise efficiency? Can disruptive technologies really be adopted seamlessly alongside legacy systems?

Join us for engaging discussions with speakers who have piloted blockchain projects and find out how you could turn information into value, doing all the same things you used to do but faster, cheaper and more securely.


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Dec 10, 2018 - Dec 11, 2018

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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