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Product Owner

Product Owner

Kagool is an award-winning digital agency and top tier, Sitecore Platinum Partner with offices in the heart of Cardiff, Manchester and London. We’ve earned a reputation as a go-digital partner for complex projects and have some impressive credentials within the Sitecore community. We’re a team of 65 individuals (and counting!). We’re a bright, vibrant, passionate bunch. We love to learn and we’re encouraged to do so. Every individual who joins our business has their very own development programme, which includes becoming Sitecore certified within the first six months of joining.

If the below sounds like something that you would say we are pretty sure you’d fit right in:
○ I can’t code but I have worked in the industry long enough to understand software development, best practices and the lingo.
○ I have experience of running agile in a workshop or team setting;
○ I have the ability to move between strategic discussions with senior clients to on the ground coaching with team members.
○ Have excellent written and verbal communication skills;
○ I can digest large amounts of research and pull out relevant insight.
○ I have experience developing user stories, wireframes, product backlogs and acceptance criteria.
○ I’m methodical in my approach and can comfortably plan 2-3 steps ahead.
○ I have the ability to work with those from C level to juniors, I’m a strong team player and tend to bring out the best in people.
○ In previous projects, I have unearthed hidden risks and acted accordingly.
○ I’m a people person but I have a passion for the product, technology, and what it is I do.

What would you do as a Kagoolie?
Having met the wider team and settled in, you’ll be introduced to our client profile. You’ll work with everyone, including project managers, backend developers, frontend developers, designers, solution architects, QAs and project leads to deliver multiple projects at any one time.

You’ll be involved in the full project lifecycle, from the discovery process through to delivery. You’ll work closely with the PM, travelling to client sites, where you’ll be responsible for leading this initial phase, gathering requirements, depicting what the client wants, running workshops, analysing workshops and writing reports.

As the project kicks off your typical day will start with a SCRUM. In these short daily stand-up meetings, you’ll support the team through the build ensuring that it is in line with requirements.

Having joined the business you’ll be given the opportunity to become Sitecore certified, we’ll support you in working towards MVP status if you fancy it. We’ll encourage you to engage the wider Sitecore community and develop your professional skill set by attending knowledge-sharing user groups, conferences and events. Once fully engrained within the business, you could even attend major events overseas in places like Florida, Vegas, Amsterdam, and Berlin.


Product Owner

United Kingdom


Kagool is an award-winning digital agency and top tier, Sitecore Platinum Partner. We have offices in Cardiff, Manchester and London. And more than 65 digital specialists in-house, including Sitecore developers (three of whom are Sitecore MVPs), visual and UX designers, digital marketers, SEO and digital strategists. Headquarters: 5th Floor, St Georges House, 56 Peter…