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Social Media Manager for Global Brands

Social Media Manager for Global Brands

Do you want to work with high-profile, iconic brands and be responsible for their content marketing and social media channels? Are you able to play a key role in guiding client strategies, creating content and managing social outlets? Can you detect digital trends and know what distinguishes outstanding brand experiences from average ones?

You might be the perfect person to take on this role if:
– You’re delighted when you see a truly great content strategy.
– You’re an expert with both verbal and written communication.
– You have 2-3 years of agency and social media management experience.
– You have excellent German language skills.
– Clients like your reliablity and hands-on mindset.
– Engaging social communities is one of your favorite activities.
– You know what great content is made of and know exactly what your clients’ brands need.
– Project management is your “hobby” (you are the person in your group of friends who plans everything).
– You’re familiar with all digital marketing trends and are a first user.
– Managing video and photo productions is virtually second nature for you.


Social Media Manager for Global Brands



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