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Technical Lead

Technical Lead

A Technical Lead at Ueno is responsible for a project’s successful technical execution, as well as helping us shape Ueno’s tech strategy in general. Working hands-on with their team of developers, they are at the table from day one, collaborating closely with designers, producers and clients throughout the course of a project.

About you and..
Experience. You’ve seen things. You’ve been around. Tech is your thing. You know where the puck is, and where it’s going next.
Team. You work well with people. You lead and mentor, and generally help your team get better at what they do.
Clients. They get you, you get them. You work with them, listen to their problems and offer them solutions.
Projects. You make sure the watches are synchronized, the wheels are greased, and that everything runs smoothly. You may be a punk but you’re always on time.

For your reference
React, React Native
Redux, mobx, mobx-state-tree or other state management libraries
TypeScript, flow or know the principle of typed languages
Jest, enzyme or other testing libraries
CSS and pre/post processors like SASS and PostCSS, BEM
Extra points: Prismic, contentful or other headless CMSs.
Extra points: GitHub, Heroku, AWS, AppCenter
Extra points: detox, ObjC/Swift, Java/Kotlin


Technical Lead

San Francisco


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