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“Leadership is action, not position”

Athens, Jan 16th, 2018

Born in 2015 in Greece, digital agency kovald, seeks to change the way of doing E-Business in Marketing and Consulting. The agency delivers innovative ideas transformed into strategies, to help brands to start up or achieve profitable results. Behind some of those tasks is Konstantinos Lamaj, kovald’s Business Development Manager.


Lab3Web is a creative digital agency based in Corfu, Greece and specializes in Online Marketing, Web Development, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Hotel Marketing and other creative web services.


Quadron is a web agency based in Greece that offers full range of creative web design, powerful web development, successful ecommerce websites and social media application development services.

kovald Digital Marketing Strategies

Kovald embraces a pioneer way of thinking. Founded in 2015, the new firm was born to change the way of doing e-Business in Marketing and Consulting.