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Agencies Christmas Party 2017

As you may know, Christmas is one of the most important celebrations around the world because the birth of Jesus Christ is commemorated. Every 25th of December, people celebrate it as a religious and cultural day.

Since the beginning of the month, they start to buy presents or decorate the house as well as the Christmas tree. But in the digital world, agencies usually throw up a party with delicious food, games and of course a dance floor.

Some held the party early on the month but others partied days before the holidays.

Take a look and enjoy the pictures !

1. #ChristmasParty deserves fancy suits

2. As well as a great breakfast!

3. Who inherited the throne?

4. Guess Santa isn’t secret anymore

5. May I assume that someone doesn’t like craft beer?

6. Slaying!

7. Great staging!

Apart from these amazing celebrations, some agencies decided to go back in time and had a thematic party. Take a look!

Did you use a time machine?!

There’s something weird about these pictures but I can’t tell what

Never let Mad Men die

Thanks for always sharing how’s your #agencylife. Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year!