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Programmatic minds joined forces at Programmatic Lunch

The programmatic chain is evolving, new partnerships are forming, and there has been a fundamental shift in how consumers expect to interact with ads and content.

With that context in mind, Mobile Marketing organized again in London the Programmatic Lunch, bringing together some of the UK’s top programmatic minds from across the whole value chain.

Over the course of lunch, there was insightful conversation and a chance to mix with brands, publishers, DSPs, SSPs, ad networks, media agencies, DMPs, exchanges as well as creative agencies.

To ensure all parts of the chain were talking to one another – and to keep things interesting – the organizers limited each table to one representative from each discipline.

The event kicked off with welcome drinks at 12:30pm, followed by a three-course lunch and the chance to catch up with old friends while making new ones in the bar afterwards, with drinks running from 4:30 till late.

Among the distinguished list of attendees, there was David Murphy of Mobile Marketing, Lisa Disset of Groundtruth, Zuzanna Girelinska of Spotify, Simon Halstead of Oath, Will Kin of the Media Trust, Josh Owen of Masterclassing and Cristina Constandache of Viber.