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The power of web design and online marketing

New York, January 23, 2015

Cook for Your Life, an online cooking resource for people touched by cancer, came to Blue Fountain Media, a New York City agency specialized in web design and online marketing, seeking a website upgrade. “They came to us in desperate need. They wanted a better way to provide cooking resources for those touched with cancer, and their existing website was not getting them the results they wanted online”, explains Austin Paley, Corporate Marketing Communications Manager at Blue Fountain Media. “The most difficult challenge we had to overcome was the limitations of their existing website.

Cook for Your Life - Website

For what they wanted to achieve with their online presence it just wasn’t conducive for a lot of the marketing and conversion-optimizations we wanted to put in place. So we began from the beginning”, says Austin.


The web redesign

“Before driving any traffic to Cook For Your Life, Blue Fountain Media’s design team started work on a non-profit website redesign that would upgrade the site to a full culinary resource center for cancer patients. The existing website suffered from lack of clear user navigation and was missing strong calls to action that pointed visitors towards the best of what Cook for Your Life had to offer. By adding a clear navigation bar, better calls to action, imagery of some of the food that was available, and a more vibrant color scheme, the design team was able to turn the website from a drab, boring experience into one that grabbed user attention. Furthermore, by breathing new life into the website’s existing blog, building out a weekly recipe center, and including an instructional video library, the Cook for Your Life website was better equipped to educate visitors with content that gave them a reason to keep come back after an initial visit.”

Cook for Your Life - Website New2014

SEO and social media campaign

“After the launch of the new, Blue Fountain Media marketing specialists began search engine optimization and social media marketing campaigns to drive additional traffic to their new resource heavy website. SEO efforts were targeted towards high-volume search terms that the Cook for Your Life target audience was searching for and created new content that website could provide to best address what the user was looking to find with their search. This included keywords like “cancer cooking” and “cooking for cancer”, which were actively targeted with high quality content. This content was also shared with Cook for Your Life’s social media following so that the content was getting seen and shared by as many users as possible. As a result, Cook for Life was able to organically rank #1 in Google’s search results and drive large amounts of new organic and social traffic to their website.”

Cook for Your Life - Digital Agency New York

Cook For Your Life’s social media campaign also acted as an additional, significant traffic source. A redesign of their Facebook brand page enabled Cook For Life to closely interact with fans of their content by providing contests, photos and more. By building a network of over 500 Facebook likes, Cook For Your Life was able to build a community around their content and increase engagement with their brand.



Thanks to Blue Fountain Media’s efforts, Cook for Your Life saw a drastic increase in their inbound traffic and onsite conversion rates:
+ Increased site engagement and monthly conversions by over 9,000%.
+ Increased non-branded search traffic by 1,070%.
+ Increased direct traffic by 125%.
+ Increased engaged facebook users by 95%.

“The success in the ROI statistics should be attributed to the entire effort. However, if I had to pick one, I would say finding search keywords that generated qualified traffic certainly helped get users who were going to be interested in CFYL before they even got to the website”, says Austin.

Cook for Your Life had their key objectives met by the Blue Fountain Media team and now has a more user-engaging and effective online presence than they’ve ever had before. The help provided them with better online tools to continue doing their work, help people touched by cancer. As Michelangelo said, you only have to remove the marble, the work is there.

Agency: Blue Fountain Media
Services provided: Strategy & Consulting, Creative Design, Web & Mobile Development, Online Marketing, SEO.