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Tourism leaders gathered at DTTT Global

Over 250 delegates from all corners of the world gathered for two days in Helsinki at DTTT Global, a leading summit to learn and discuss the latest innovation, trends and challenges in digital and travel.

The summit aimed at providing leadership to the tourism industry in digital marketing best practice. The project was created by Nick Hall, Managing Director at SE1 Media who has more than 10 years’ experience working in digital tourism marketing.

It was two days full of inspiration, innovation and networking with the leading tourism industry’s future thinkers, coming from all over the world to Helsinki to tell their stories and learn from one another.

Diane Bures from Canada’s Banff National Park addressed the question on how to attract visitors and support local business without disrupting the environment – all using a data-driven approach. Meanwhile, Kerri Verbeke Kapich from San Diego Tourism focused on coping with the visitor’s expectations.

At the same time, Nico Mulder from Amsterdam Marketing, addressed their experience with responsible tourism for the city, dealing with overcrowding. Kristiina Kukkohovi from the airline Finnair focused on how the company is seeking to digitalize happiness by promoting and selling experiences to their visitors.

Finally, Callum Mack described the experience of the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse, a highly innovative platform for collecting, storing and distributing digital tourism information on Australia.

DTTT is organized every year by the European Cities Marketing and the Digital Tourism Think Tank, which aims at providing thought leadership to the tourism industry in digital marketing best practice.