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“Digital marketing combines logic and a methodical approach”

New Orleans, July 25th, 2018

Founded in New Orleans in 2012, Velocity Agency is a full-service digital marketing agency that is on the cutting edge of technology, offering services on social media marketing, SEO, graphic design, media placement and video production, among many other areas.

The agency has a dynamic, high-energy and cutting-edge team that works with a wide array of clients to push their brands forward. Playing a key role in the team, Moe Ahsan is the agency’s digital marketing manager, the area he describes to be the most important one.

In an interview with TIA, Ahsan describes the main features of the agency and gives us a look at its daily work, highlighting the importance of a good relationship with clients.

Could you describe your career path so far and what drove you to Velocity?

I graduated college and immediately after I moved to a new city and went to work for a large political firm where I worked with clients to devise their communication strategies. I enjoyed working in that field, but something called me back home to Louisiana.

I ran across Velocity and was very impressed with the company, the list of clients, the people that work there, but most importantly the opportunity to learn and grow. I applied and was hired as an Assistant Account Manager and moved up quickly to Digital Marketing Manager after four months. I have a lot of respect and admiration for the company and its people, a love for marketing, excitement for the challenges and the opportunity to learn a whole new field.

In a few words, what differentiates Velocity from other agencies?

Logical, methodical, and efficiency are the core of our agency. Our logic dictates our actions, we ask why, we run through scenarios, we think through the process and take time to understand the details of our client’s businesses. We are methodical in our approach. Marketing is an investment for our clients, with logical thinking and a methodical approach we ensure the best return on that investment for our clients.

Lastly, efficiency, we are a full-service digital marketing agency with a large campus and everything in-house. We are not hindered by third party vendors and their limitations such as time and project load. We have a very capable staff that has amazing chemistry and are experts in their respective fields.

Why digital marketing has had such a big impact in agencies campaigns and projects?

If you were to look around, every person is in some-way connected to the internet; which means that with digital advertising, you can reach them. Digital marketing has been the best tool for marketing companies because it allows reach to a wider audience, collect data from that audience, and it delivers better results for a cheaper cost than traditional media (depending on campaign objective).

What role does digital marketing play in Velocity’s daily work?

It is essentially the core of our business. Velocity has many verticals that we work in ranging from production and post production to custom software and app development; but digital media is the biggest part of the agency. Between SEO, PPC/Paid Social Media, Organic Social Media, and more, digital marketing is an ever growing and ever evolving part of Velocity’s arsenal of services.

From little apple pies shaped like roses to mirlitons and BBQ ribs, the Velocity Thanksgiving was a success!

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Can all businesses take advantage of digital marketing, no matter their size?

1000% yes! Digital marketing is a fairly cost-efficient way to drive consumers to your business. The golden rule is to put 10% of your gross annual earnings into marketing and reevaluate this every year. It is important for businesses, no matter the size, to understand that marketing should be seen as an investment, not a bill.

How do you find a balance between what a client hopes to get from digital marketing and what you can actually offer them?

This is the most important part of account management: managing expectations. All too often businesses and organizations approach marketing agencies with a construed perspective on what marketing actually is and what it actually costs. Some out of confidence, some out of desperation, and some out of lack of knowledge believe that marketing is as simple as putting a billboard up or boosting a post on Facebook. This is simply the perception that agencies and firms have given off; though these things are technically marketing, they always need to be strategic. Research and analytics are the best friends of an account manager in any agency.

What are the upcoming trends to keep an eye on in digital marketing?

Voice activated search is something I am very interested in personally. I believe it is the future, with the introduction of Alexa and Siri in the past decade, we have seen a wide use of this technology throughout the world and it’s rapidly growing. The purpose of this technology is to deliver convenience to the consumer and make everyday life simple.

With that being said there are emerging (mainly SEO) practices that digital advertising agencies are applying to their campaigns in order to stay on top of “voice search” rankings. Though currently there is no advertising on voice search, and the focus from giants such as Amazon and Google is on user experience; I am sure that we will see a change soon where voice search will become another advertising option for businesses.

What advice would you give to a recent graduate hoping to start in digital marketing?

Logic and methodical thinking. It is much easier said than done, but digital marketing is combining logic and a methodical approach to deliver the right message to the right demographic in order to accomplish a goal. The best thing to do is to put yourself as the consumer and see if your message is attractive and engaging. Lastly, pay attention to new technology, this world is always changing.

Thanks Moe!

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