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“Social media is the perfect platform for a business to engage with customers”

Fort Langley, December 26th, 2017

As a well-rounded digital marketing and advertising agency, Jelly Marketing pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in digital marketing to help business to achieve the best results. It’s the perfect blend of social media PR and digital advertising to help brands to amplify their work.

Jelly Marketing has a high-energy team of go-getters, storytellers and experts in all things digital and among them is Olivia Mackay, the agency’s Social Media Coordinator. In an interview with TIA, Mackay reveals the behind the scenes of the agencies work in social media and gives the best recipe for success.

What has been your career path up to now and what drove you to Jelly Marketing?

While studying communications at Simon Fraser University I was always drawn towards journalism as a career path, but after I graduated, I took a starting position at Jelly Marketing because of their unique combination of digital ads & SEO, public relations, and social media. I chose the path of a social media coordinator because I believe it’s one of the most authentic and creative ways to market a brand online.

How does your agency organize the work on social media?

As a social media coordinator, I work with the account managers to develop an in-depth strategy based on target audience and overall brand goals. We then curate original content in collaboration with the multimedia specialists and pull external content that will add value to the target audience.

What should a client aim to achieve with social media?

Brand awareness and audience engagement. Social media is the perfect platform for a business to engage with customers and find out what they want. At the end of the day, it’s all about the consumer.

Which social media brand strategy has inspired you lately and why?

Shaw has really stepped up their social media game. They use humor and current online trends that are extremely relatable.

What is your process for developing a social media strategy?

The first thing I do is an audit of my client’s existing social media accounts to get a feel for the audience and what works and what doesn’t work. Then, I research the brand’s audience and direct competitors before developing a content strategy. My content is based on spreading the brand’s message, adding value to their audience, and ultimately reaching their KPIs.

What’s the most common mistake made when preparing copy for social?

I’d have to say the most common mistake is using the same copy across all social media platforms. The type of content and copy used for Twitter is drastically different than Instagram. It’s important to tailor copy to each social media platform to make the biggest impact.

What’s the most important thing a social media manager should be doing?

The most important thing is to be on top of trending content and new social media tools. There is always a new story popping up with a new way to post about it. It’s a social media manager’s job to be one step ahead.

What are some apps or websites that you love?

Grammarly, Sprout, and

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt

I’ve always loved writing, so my dream job would be a writer.

Thanks Olivia!

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