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10 Brilliant Examples of Experiential Marketing Campaigns

Brands are evolving. Experiential marketing allow consumers to engage with brands in an true and meaningful way. Rather than being passive receivers of messages, experimental marketers trust that costumers should be actively involved in the experience and developing a relationship with the brand.

Additionally, what makes this one of the best marketing strategies is shares from influencers with high authority over a particular niche in a target market could mean higher rankings on search engine results and social media mentions.

In this article, we’ll share our the top ten we came across:






Lean Cuisine: #WeighThis

Pepsi Max


Maison Hermès


Creativity helps you stand out in a world bombarded with advertising, it helps differentiate you from your competitors, and it makes you more memorable in your customers’ minds. We hope you will find this experiential marketing campaign section useful.

What would you add to this top 10 selection? What success have you had with any of these ideas? We’d love to hear, so leave us a comment below.