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10 UX Designers You Should Follow on social media

Why is a product used? How is it used? Does it have an adequate aesthetic design? Those are some of the questions that a designer asks himself when trying to step into the user’s shoes.

The term was coined for the first time by Don Norman, a renowned American scientist who studies the psychology of users.

So, who are the most inspiring UX Designers you should follow for inspiration? Take note:

1. Andrew Mowbray

This Canadian beer fan, lives and works in Toronto for the digital marketing agency Idea Rebel (IR). Challenging the status quo and bringing ideas and technology to new levels, are two of the pillars of Andrew. One of his most outstanding works was the one made for Keurig, a well-known Canadian coffee brand.

Follow Andrew Mowbray on social media:

2. Sebastian S. Thomsen

Originally Danish but based in Amsterdam, Sebastian is part of the creative digital agency Resn and has an impressive portfolio for Adidas. No doubt his work has received a lot of international recognition.

Follow Sebastian S. Thomsen on social media:

3. Olof Schybergson

The CEO of Fjord is internationally known in the world of design and innovation. He has done an excellent job with the public transport system of the Metropolitan Area of Toronto and Hamilton, in Canada.

Follow Olof Schybergson on social media:

4. Jordi Wesche

Jordi Wesche, currently UX designer at Chuck Agency, has work for five years as a freelancer in the domain of marketing, communications, design and copywriting. His strong point: to design experiences from a “full body” perspective.

Follow Jordi Wesche on social media:

5. Léo Léger

This French passionate of science fiction, works for the well-known agency Mars Spiders in London, and it’s your boss’s favorite, David Olsan. Balance, intuition and being super creative, are the keys that according to Léo Léger, must have a UX Designer. He was a key player in the re-design of the British Library’s open archive.

Follow Léo Léger on social media:

6. Tina Ličková

An essential part of Berlin-based agency bytepark, is Tina Ličková, who has empathy as a nerve center of her work. According to this UX Designer, the future of the area is “to become algorithm designers, but with a deep understanding of the science of behavior”.

Follow Tina Ličková on social media:

7. Chris Spalton

Besides of being one of the top UX Designers at Foolproof agency, Chris is also an active member of the designer community in Norwich, UK. Fan of the sketches, he has created the comic “Eelman Chronicles” which can be downloaded for free.

Follow Chris Spalton on social media:

8. Eva-Maria Færgemann Nielsen

Originally from Denmark, Eva-Maria Færgemann Nielsen has worked as UX Designer at Nodes, creating applications for commercial use “that are not boring,” as she defines it. Now, she works as UX Lead at KMD Nexus, a digital society which purpose is that municipalities manage and take care of all citizens.

Follow Eva-Maria Færgemann Nielsen on social media:

9. Yubomyr Koval

QubStudio, a UX/UI company created by Yubomyr Koval that is located in Lviv, Ukraine, is guided by a single slogan: “Design that works”. For Koval, in the future “there will be no clear boundary between the material and the digital and that is exactly where design plays a crucial role”.

Follow Yubomyr Koval on social media:

10. Jeff Davis

Currently working as a freelance designer, from Lake Tahoe, California, Jeff has a wide experience that includes working with AT&T, Disney, IBM, Intel, Oracle and YouTube. Currently he directs

Follow Jeff Davis on social media:

We’re sure there are much more great UX Designers out there, so share with us in the comments which are your favorites so we can add them to the list!