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Agencies opened their doors in Amsterdam at ADNIGHT

Amsterdam-based agencies opened their doors for ADNIGHT.

Described as the biggest open night for the creative industry, agencies based in Amsterdam opened their doors for one night at ADNIGHT and allowed dozens of visitors to get a sneak peek into their creative kitchens – showing them how the magic is done.

Visitors travelled around the city to attend the different workshops, talks and tours, seeing the work carried out at the agencies and meeting their staff. A diverse line up awaited, ranging from creative and design to film and music production and anything in between.

ADNIGHT is the largest open night for the creative industry. During the evening you can visit interesting offices, meet the people, see the work, get inspired and attend workshops and talks,” said Claire Daemen, one of the five co-founder of ADNIGHT, who started the move on a volunteer basis.

ADNIGHT is an easy and convenient way to discover about different marketing and communication specialists and solutions in just one night. A great way for marketeers and industry peers to keep up and learn about new possibilities. And for talent to meet and mingle.

All participating agencies curated their own program to present themselves and their specialty. That allowed to get a far better idea of their skill set than their website ever would.

The list of agencies included Virtue, Topnotch, The Valley, The Gardeners, Superheroes, Ride, Protein, Postoffice, Popcorn Brain, among many others.

Among the most visited agencies, Superheroes, a digitally native ad agency with offices in New York and Amsterdam, focused its program on an event called “The brief of all fears.” Visitors were welcomed into what was described as hell and had to go through a pathway of different scary situations, finally returning to heaven.

All agencies offered drinks and meals. For example, DEPT turned the office into a 1950’s theme and had waitresses in rollerblades offering burgers and milkshakes.

Meanwhile, TBWA set up a McDonald’s outside its office and handed over Mc Nuggets and ALFRED had a full party with local dishes.

ADNIGHT is a low-threshold opportunity to orient yourself and to be inspired by what is possible. The possibility to ask for an explanation and to taste the atmosphere gives a much better picture than a website with some example cases,” said Denise Willigers, another Co-founder.