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Blue Fountain Media is Featured on Fox News

Blue Fountain Media Head of Development Michael Ricotta is interviewed on Fox News’ “Tech Take” about the cyber risks of dumping an old phone

New York, NY, September 15, 2014:

On Thursday, September 11, Blue Fountain Media’s Head of Development, Michael Ricotta, was interviewed on Fox News’ “Tech Take” about the cyber risks that surround getting rid of an old phone. With the launch of the new iPhone 6 and new phones from Samsung, many consumers want to upgrade as soon as possible, but Ricotta warned consumers to make sure they protect their existing data before they get rid of their old phones.

“You want to make sure you’ve taken any personal data, information you don’t want to be sharing with the public,” Ricotta said. “If you had purchased a new phone and just gave away your current phone without taking out the SIM card, it would be just like buying a new, empty wallet, and then giving your current wallet away without taking out your license, your money, [and your] credit cards.”

Many phone users feel that using cloud-based storage technology takes care of their data migration sufficiently for any needs they might have, but Ricotta suggested consumers go the extra mile in order to make sure their private data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands by using an external hard drive.

“You want to be sure you can recover data you may want, should it get lost. External hard drives are something you can keep off-line, much more securely than a cloud server,” Ricotta said. “[The cloud is] a great service for ensuring you back up important data, but you don’t have the ability to take it offline like you do an external device.”

For more information regarding the interview and the cyber risks of dumping an old phone, visit the full article by Christopher Snyder that is available here:


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