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DIBI conference welcomed UX designers in Edinburgh

DIBI welcomed participants interested on UX design. (Photo: DIBI)

Design It; Build It (DIBI) conference returned to Edinburgh for the second consecutive year, with an international lineup that included speakers from across the Unites States and Europe.

While last year DIBI looked at the future of the web through the theme “play”, this year’s theme was “freedom.” Speakers and attendees looked at relevant questions such as the amount of freedom needed to create amazing digital experiences.

The conference welcomed Stephanie Szabo from Airbnb to the stage to share best practice from one of the world’s leading tech companies. She shared her thoughts on designing with the user in mind on what was an interactive presentation with the attendees.

Szabo was joined by Molly Lafferty, the Design Director of New York based This Also, a product innovation team that helps brands like Google, Nike, Xbox, Spotify, Samsung, and Tumblr create new experiences for millions of users worldwide. She opened the conference with a keynote presentation about stepping beyond our knowledge of technology to create fresh and inventive new solutions.

At the same time, Tammie Lister, an experience designer at Automattic, where she is an experience designer on talked about keeping the user in mind when designing when it’s easy to be distracted by the latest frameworks and techniques, while Dutch designer Jenny Shen focused on designing for international users.

Duncan Bloor from Manchester based Code Computerlove talked about writing for the web, while Holly Allison and Mirian Boyles from Newcastle based Orange Bus, stepped beyond the screen and into the world of digital assistants (and empowering older people).

Another project that pushes the boundaries is micro payments in the third world, and Aimi McConnell joined DIBI from Northern Ireland to talk about her work with sustainable development company Studio 2080 developing mobile banking services in Senegal.

DIBI allowed delegates to learn the most strategic, forward-thinking strategies from those who are shaping the future of the web. It brought together the best and brightest and allowed spaces of networking between the participants, who shared between each other the lessons learnt.