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DigiStrategy welcomes innovators in London

December 18th, 2017

World Forum Disrupt carries out a set of digital events throughout the year.

Organized by the World Forum Disrupt, DigiStrategy gathered innovators and some of the world’s largest organizations for a one-day event in London, generating learning experiences, creating passionate discussions and actual transformations.

The event brought together on one place today’s leading minds in digital strategy and innovation and provided and outlet for thought sharing that leads to change and growth. It was a fully day of presentations, panel sessions and workshops.

More than 200 attendees and 20 guest speakers participated this year, with the focus on digital transformation and disruption, audience growth, content strategy, social strategy, creating a multi-platform organization and UX strategy.

News Corp, Nike, Exxon, HSBC, Google and Facebook were only some of the companies taking part in the event, leading to key discussions. Tate Modern’s head of Digital Content Hillary Knight, Shelter’s head of Digital Fundraising Stephanie Borne, Newsweek’s Managing Editor John Crowley were only some of the speakers.

Each one of the speakers shared a valuable insight from case study examples, ensuring that all attendees could leave with actionable tactics and strategies that can be implemented right away. Virtual reality, sustainable online growth and keys for branded content were some of the topics of the presentations.

World Forum Disrupt is an organization that carries out world-class events such as DigiStrategy throughout the year and in many cities of the world such as London and New York. Their focus is creating global platforms at which core business systems, processes and values are challenged.