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Digital agencies celebrate Halloween 2018

Holidays can be a great opportunity to bring together office colleagues. Among the most important ones we find Halloween, which is celebrated in many countries, especially in the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

The festival has all the trappings of evil. While costume contests or pumpkin carving seem innocuous, HR managers need to ensure that the celebrations respect the diverse opinions of employees about the holiday so no one feels pressured to participate. For many agencies, Halloween is the perfect occasion for team building and employee morale-boosting because fun is assured for all those involved.

From contests and breakfasts to carve pumpkin and dress up, teams are always very creative when it comes to celebrate Halloween in the office. Here is a list of our 2018 favorite celebrations:

1. In a way they’re really cute!

2. You really have true artists at the agency!

3. Just by chance.. did you have any meetings in that room today?

4. Happy Halloween for you too!

5. Never forget team picture

6. Hey, we’d like to hire the skeleton

7. I hope that’s a real pumpkin and you have it at the office ’cause its amazing!

8. Great choice to watch Ghostbusters!

9. I assume the receptionist has something to do with this..

10. Pumpkin soup is good eeevery day

Did your agency also joined the celebration? Share with us what you did and don’t hesitate to show your favorite choices!