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Digital agencies celebrated Thanksgiving 2018

Another year is about to come to an end and so its holidays. Though we still have left the two most important celebrations of the year, Thanksgiving has already passed by.

As always, Thanksgiving takes place in the United States, every fourth Thursday of November, followed the next day by the world’s most agitated shopping day known as Black Friday.

In Canada, the holiday is celebrated a few weeks before, every second Monday of October. Although the origin of Thanksgiving is still disputed, it has long been celebrated as a secular holiday in both countries and more.

As usual, we took a look at some digital agencies across countries, that joined #Thanksgiving2018. Take a look!

What a big family!

Amazing thoughts! Hope you had a great evening

I volunteer for those cookies

We do too

Great way of celebrating Thanksgiving

Nothing feels better than helping someone!

Now we want to see what they really took!

If you celebrated Thanksgiving as well, don’t hesitate to leave a comment telling us what you did!