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Digital agencies on the #WorldEmojiDay

We all know how important emojis are in our daily life; we always use them for fun, to express better our feelings, or sometimes as a game when replacing words. But have you ever wondered which was the first emoji?

It all started in the late 1990s with Japanese telecom NTT DoCoMo, which offered a mobile service called i-mode that let users send small amounts of data over their pagers, including a heart icon at the end of their messages, most known as <3, which probably many of us used it.

But when DoCoMo pulled it from the service, people demanded the company to bring it back, and so, in 1999, they released a new heart icon plus 175 other icons that became the world’s first emoji.

Nowadays there are countless icons, and even more to come. Emojis are so likable by people and so used in social media that it even has its own celebration day: the 17th of July. Why that day? Well, because it’s the day that appears on the calendar emoji!

So anyone who wanted to join the celebration this year and spread more emojis than usual, just needed to use the hashtag #WorldEmojiDay. Take a look at how digital agencies celebrated and which are their favorites!

Some were very creative

So much that we couldn’t guess everything!

I’m sure we couldn’t guess this one because it was in dutch

And others took emojis even to real life!

We always have fun with your posts, hope you did as well and thanks for sharing your #agencylife !