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Manon Hartman and Martijn van Dooren: “Websites are still growing and it will replace even more brick & mortar stores”

Panama, October 29, 2015.

Manon Hartman and Martijn van Dooren are the founders of GDMN, a company comprised of inbound marketing consultants. They use inbound marketing techniques and a global network of marketing professionals to attract quality leads and convert those leads into happy customers.  In this interview, they talked with TIA about their future perspectives, ways of inspiration and best countries for took digital experiencies and innovation.

What do you do for inspiration? 

We experience. The GDMN team meets new people, travels to new places and learns new cultures. By all these experiences new challenges occur. Those experiences are new inspirations. Besides that, power napping is also good to boost your level of energy and gain some new inspiration by thinking over a specific subject.

Looking 5 years in to the future, how far can websites go?  GDMN-Manon-Hartman-Martijn-van-Dooren-Profile

Websites are still growing and in five years it will replace even more brick & mortar stores. Internet shopping will grow even further all over the world and with the technological innovation websites will have an even bigger impact on every economy. We believe that with all the technological innovation websites could give users a completely new experience.

What country excites you the most in terms of innovation? 

We simply get excited with every piece of innovation we see and experience. The world is becoming more accessible every day. The internet removes a lot of borders and more flight connections and budget airlines also ensure that we can connect even more. But once not able to visit a location physically, we are connected through the world of internet. We believe communities are being brought together with the internet. Ideas are meant to be developed over time. The most incredible innovations are built within those communities with like-minded persons. We consider the internet as the place to discover actual innovations.

Please list your favourite sites. 

Google, I know this sounds cliché but a lot of people will forget Google because it is too obvious. Google is still working on improving their search engine and is always thinking about the user experience. “How can we make it more relevant for the user?” The impact that Google has on the world is enormous and information used to be power. Nowadays, everyone can have acces to so much information.

the site to find all answers on your burning questions.

LinkedIn, easy to use and makes finding the right people for an agency easier. LinkedIn gives everyone the possibility of a global network and you can connect with so many people. And as we said before, by meeting new people, you will get inspired.

Google Flights, if you keep an eye on this tool built on the ITA matrix you might find incredible deals on flight tickets.

What did your very first site look like? Is it still online?

In July 2015 we’ve launched the first version of However we have designed some websites of clients including:, and Currently we are improving the websites of ourselves and clients using Growth Driven Design.

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