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Marko Cvijetić: “Digital design must follow the basic principles sealed in human nature”

Zagreb, April 8, 2015

Designer-Croatia-Marco-CvijeticAs Digital Designer at Degordian, Marko defines his style as eclectic, maybe because of his different interests and hobbies. He enjoys producing music and listening to hip-hop and electronic music. He’s interested in urban style and culture the same way he’s passionate about digital design. But Marko seems to have a regular characteristic: simplicity. He believes that digital design should simplify everything. It’s all about following natural human principles.

Why did you decide to be a digital creative?

Although computers were an important part of my childhood, I never thought about working in digital communications, partially because they weren’t as developed back then as they are now. But I’ve always been interested in graphic design and when I discovered that new technologies and perspectives are great tools to express ideas, I decided to turn to digital. I was also tempted by the idea of working in a field that is always changing, that is exciting and challenging, and it’s interesting to see how digital technology changes and develops. Digital communication is more open and less strict than others so its fluidity becomes a base for creativity, inspiring you to move boundaries and learn more. As a designer, I’m always reinventing myself and trying to make things in a better way: every day brings something new.

How do you feel working in an agency as Degordian?

Growing professionally in an agency as Degordian is great because I’m surrounded with people who have similar motivations. Is nice to know that we push each other forward and that there will always be someone to help you when inspiration doesn’t come easy. As a part of Degordian from its beginning, I had an opportunity to see us grow day by day and me along with it, which showed me that everything you do has an such impact on the development of a business.

Where do you find inspiration?

Everything I do each day can be an inspiration. Music is very inspiring! I also find ideas walking through the city or watching movies. I like talking to different people and travelling. Magazines and design blogs are also helpful, but I find inspiration in ordinary everyday stuff.

Top-Digital-Agencies-Creativity-DesignerWho do you see as your mentor or referent?

I feel secure and inspired by my college colleagues and my friends, because we all had the same starting point and now we are succeeding in different creative fields. It’s nice to see how far we made it and their achievements are truly impressive. Actually, we are all in different countries working in diverse fields, but we all grew in a small country which pushed us to challenge ourselves.

You’ve said you enjoy working in a field that’s constantly mutating. Can you predict which important changes in digital communication might take place in the near future?

In the future, digital data about a target will have a much bigger role, not just in sales but in defining creative concepts. That means that the collected insights will influence creativity on a much higher level in order to delight and satisfy customers’ current needs. By knowing the users’ preferences and habits, digital surrounding will fully adapt to users’ current moods which will result in different experiences for each user. In my opinion, in a few years websites will have different content and layout for each of us. Using real-time analytics to boost creativity is something that we are especially excited about here in Degordian.

How do you think you can make platforms easier for users?

First of all, we need to clear the user interface and remove boundaries between desktop, mobile and other connected devices. Technology must follow principles that are sealed in human nature and that way we can create easy and practical platforms for users. That’s the role of design: to simplify. Simple design must have both the functional and esthetical aspect in order to solve users’ problems or facilitate the path to information they are looking for.

Where would you like to live?

I would like to live in Amsterdam or Berlin because of their culture, history and lifestyle. These cities are sources of newest trends and styles so they are very influential for someone who works in the creative industry.

Top-interactive-Agency-Creativity-DesignerWhich are your main challenges in your daily work and how do you do to get over them?

The most challenging job is to satisfy our clients because it is quite hard to connect our vision of projects to theirs. Sometimes clients just want to achieve their goals and that’s all, they are not looking for innovation & extra value of the project.

Generally, they want us to finish their projects as soon as possible in order to jump into the next one, but what they don’t get is the importance of the process. That’s why it depends on us to explain the importance of what we are doing and the time and effort it takes. Secondly, I think it’s challenging to work with so many different people, who have a variety of attitudes and visions. But of course, we all agree on the best solution respecting the differences.

Which step of the designing process you think is the most important one?

Once you have done the conceptualization of an idea and defined the core of the project, everything is easier because you know where you are going. Project realization is also very important because you can have a great idea but if the final product (design, content, front-end, etc,) is not good, you won’t get the expected results. Both stages are complementary. If you don’t have a powerful idea, the project will fail, and vice versa, if you don’t represent that idea in a great and innovative way, it loses its strength.

What does design represent in your life?

Design is a lifestyle. Everything I do, I see it through the design lens, so I catch myself imagining how everything that surrounds me can be different and better. That’s a little bit strange sometimes, because you are talking about details that make you more critical. It’s a nonstop work and sometimes your friends might believe you are a bit crazy!

Thank you, Marko.

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