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New Website For the supporters club of Dutch soccer team AJAX

Congratulations’ to Mangrove agency from the Netherlands for their new project ! They have  just launched the new responsive website for the supporters club of Dutch soccer team AJAX.

AFC Ajax supporters club

A close-knit community deserves a rich online home base. The Ajax supporters club SVA (Supportersvereniging Ajax) is connecting loyal Ajax fans more than ever through the new

mangrove 2

Supporters club Ajax (SVA) came to Rotterdam with one strong objective: to offer a home base to its more than 90,000 members. More experiences on the site, more space for pictures and a place to share that special Ajax feeling. Because football is… emotion. (Yes we know Americans call it soccer, but we’ll stick to calling football anyway.) We got to work on it and created a place supporters will never want to leave. And they won’t have to. Ajax Life is fully responsive and will go anywhere with you.

Before the game, after the game, and during

So far had been a news site, mainly attracting a high peak of visitors each Monday. But when you’re an AjaxMangrovefan it’s not only a weekend thing, it’s something you live all week long. So we created a Match day page. Ajax fans can look forward to the match here all week. Who made the team, who’s injured, how did we play against this club before and what are the experts saying? Supporters add their own content too, before, during and after each match. They can upload pictures of the tickets they got and share the anticipation of the match together. Because Twitter and Instagram are integrated into the site, all the action can be found in one place. Fans in the train, fans watching their television, fans in the stadium and fans in the bars, they can all meet on




Visitors of the site immediately loved the new home base. The youngsters of the SVA, known as the JongeSchare, were used to meeting on a different online platform, but responded with enthusiasm to the new site. After our extensive target group study, they are now joining in the conversation with the big ‘uns online. It’s fun for them and good for the webmasters; no more need for a separate CMS for this group.

Intuitive design

News is still an important element of the site. With ‘mobile first’ as our starting point, we created a clear and intuitive design. The new layout gives the most important news items prominence: on smartphones, tablets and desktops alike. Image plays an important part and adds to the experience in photo reportage, as well as in news articles, blogs and of course on the home page. Readability has improved and the site is visually less noisy. While much more is going on! The new site has also made the forms, for prize competitions for example, more accessible. Members are quicker to join in the promotion activities and non-members are quicker to sign up.


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