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MING Labs is a truly global user experience design and development company. With a team of 60+ experts from 17 countries, they create world-class digital products from web applications to mobile apps, service design and data visualization. MING Labs works for big brands like Adidas, BMW, Disney and co-ventures with startups from all over the world. Together with their clients and partners, they design and code user experiences that engage, inspire, and delight.

Headquarters: Hotterstr. 3, 80331 Munich, Germany
+ Offices in Berlin, New York, Singapore and Shanghai.

Tel: +49 30 6891 4711


Clients: Adidas, BMW, Bosch, Disney, Microsoft, Singtel, Lufthansa


Social Media:

Services: User Experience Design, User Interaction Design, Mobile Application Development, Web Application Development, Design Strategy, Design Research, Marketing Consulting, Product Portfolio Management

Articles and profiles:
Matthias Roebel, MING Labs Co-Founder & CEO:
“A digital innovation and venture partner”

Marc Seefelder, MING Labs Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer:
“Our business is change”

Sebastian Mueller, MING Labs COO Asia:
Failure is a great learning opportunity