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North Kingdom

North Kingdom

They are a digital creative agency from Sweden. Their headquarters and heritage is in the far north, a small town next to the polar circle called Skellefteå. Through years of innovation and exploration in the digital medium, they’ve held on to what they feel is important – creative freedom, quality of work and curiosity – always with their feet on the ground and in high spirits. They like to see theirselves as a small, flexible, fast-moving team with big ideas. They have friends and partners all over the world to help them make those ideas come alive.

They’ve been expanding quietly without compromising the ideals that got us started in 2003. As a company they consider them to be nothing more than the sum of every unique individual in the team. Every team member is highly specialized in his or her own way, which creates a really strong dynamic within the team. Currently you will find them in our two main locations, Skellefteå and Stockholm. But you can also find their small studios on the west coast of Sweden, in Gothenburg, and even in the deep forest of Småland.

Headquarters: North Kingdom, Storgatan 32, Skellefteå, Sweden

Tel: +46 (0) 910 73 30 90


Staff: 21 – 100

Clients: Google, Fx, Moog, ICP, Warner Bros, LEGO, Disney, Netflix


Social Media:

Services: Experience Design, Service Design, Product Design, Digital Strategy, Digital Innovation, User Experience, Tech R&D, Creative R&D, Future Vision, Concept Development, Art Direction, Design Development, Front-end Development, Prototyping via code, Prototyping via design, Interactive Installations, Game Design, Animation, Motion Design.

Articles and Profiles:
David Eriksson, Chief Creative Officer:
“Creativity is deeply rooted into our agency’s DNA”