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We offer a custom software development based on the deep analysis of business processes and goals of our clients since 2009. Now Starcode has over 50+ full-time employees in two offices in Russia with an experience of developing a wide range of Digital projects on different markets for such companies as Audi, VW, Renault, Peugeot, Scania, OBI, Philips, Philip Morris, Royal Canin, EKF Electrotechnica. We have already launched over 100 of projects and our solutionsare daily used by millions of people in 12 countries.

Headquarters: Peredovaya st. 39, Krasnodar, Russia

Phone: 88002221132

Agency Email:

Staff: 21 – 100

Clients: McMANN Russia, Notamedia, Itella Connexions, AUDI, Peugeot, Volkswagen group, Scania, Philips, Philip Morris, OBI, (, Polar Logistics.



Social Media:

Services: Web development, CRM/ERP solutions, E-commerce, Digital Marketing, Outstaffing

Our technological stack:
Mobile: iOS, Android.
Back-end: PHP (MVC, OOP, Yii2, Symfony, Laravel, Drupal, WordPress, Bitrix), Java (EE, SE, Spring, JSP), .NET, C#, Python, Node.js
Front-end: HTML, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery, ExtJS, Backbone.js, Underscore.js, Angular.js, Marionette.js)
Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, PL/SQL, MSSQL, SQLite

Advantages of partnership with Starcode:
. According to growth of EUR and USD currency in comparison to Russian Rouble, contracting us could save a significant part of your budgets in software development;
. Our company has 50+ full-time professionals with strong and relevant experience. We are really demanding in this matter;
. The customer receives not only a fine team, but also the company’s huge experience in IT project implementation;
. You don’t need to take dev’s in the staff, so you are saving social taxes, eliminating HR searches and don’t think about dev’s loading;
. We have just 1 hour time difference with Central Europe, so we can work online and communicate effectively accoridng your project during the day, which is very important for final result.

Articles and profiles:

Nikita Eremin, CEO of Starcode: “How does a russian digital agency’s CEO sees the future of new media”

Anna Osipova, Starcode Account Director “High quality coding and clear comms deliver brilliant projects”