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Battalion is a leading branding agency for startups and innovators. We collaborate with early stage, scale-ups and technology companies to create stand-out brands that engage customers, build audiences, and increase sales. We help companies to increase the value of their brands and drive customer acquisition and growth.
It’s our mission to launch successful companies who are solving world changing problems and shaping the future.

Headquarters: Brunnenstraße 7D, Berlin, Germany

Tel: +49 305 679 6219


Staff: less than 8

Clients: Soundcloud, Hello Fresh, Swisscom, Pulselocker, Fatype, Noize Fabrik, Finfo


Social Media:

Services: Marketing, Campaign Strategy, Social Media, Branding, Design, Content, Video Production, PR, Data Analytics, Event Marketing

Articles and Profiles:
Theresa Karl, Project Manager:
“How Fika can spark creativity”