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What does it take to hire the right talent?

New York, March 22nd, 2018

Getting the right people for the right job can make or break a company. This is even more important when creativity and innovation are involved. Lounge Lizard has been in the game for a couple of decades and knows its onions. We spoke to Ken Braun to find out what it takes to have a great team.

It’s all about the staff,” confesses Ken “I’m a super star sales showman … but my staff are the ones that deliver!

I Love selling the agency. Love coming up with awesome BIG ideas. And Love closing a deal,” continues Ken. “We are so busy these days and I’m putting in 16 hour days so I’m not liking that. I’m in the market for an assistant so I can live a little.”

Any interested parties can apply directly.

How do you select your specialists?

We look for designers and developers that have won awards and featured on design sites for their work. We also comb through sites like Dribble in search of great talent around the world.

What role does talent management play at Lounge Lizard?

Not much. Everyone we hire are super efficient, responsible, and seasoned and don’t need to be managed. If you have to manage people then they need to go work somewhere else. Our project management team is super buttoned up and gives our staff all the assets they need to perform tasks, a deadline, and everyone comes through!

Which specialists are most difficult to find/retain?

We can pick and choose whenever we need someone. We get resumes every week. Working at Lounge Lizard is a draw. It’s a cool agency to work at. We pay VERY well and people stick around.

Have you ever considered opening offices near where you can find new talent?

Yes, we now have three offices just for that reason. NYC, Los Angeles, and Long Island. Talent is everything for us and we seek it worldwide. We look for the best undiscovered talent and hire these folks full-time and let them work from home. We have full-time designers in Costa Rica, Dubai, and Germany. We pay top dollar for top talent and having an office doesn’t attract this talent. Working from home is a big draw.

What is our overall long-term vision and philosophy for the HR function?

Right now my business partner is handling HR duties and overseeing project managers and finances. Pretty soon we’ll need a HR person.

Thanks Ken!

By Geny Caloisi.

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