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Based in San Francisco and New York, Fantasy is regarded as the absolute premium UX / UI partner.


They ( have been sought out by major brands from Twitter to Facebook and since 1999 have picked up a fan following for there pioneering achievements and award winning UX and UI.

Receiving thousands of applicants a year, the small but elite agency get’s to pick their clients, choosing them with a focus on quality and projects that are intent on pioneering according to David Martin, their founder & CEO.

Most recently Fantasy has been blazing the trails with their famous “What if?” concept work which looks at solving user experience problems in major verticals from travel to healthcare.

Major redesigns for USA Today, Sports Illustrated, Met Museum and Balenciaga have long been a trademark for their service offerings. However most recently Fantasy has been engaging in product design for 23andMe, Twitter, Huawei and Rokid.

Services: Strategy, UX, UI for product, web and app.

Articles and Profiles:
David Martin, Founder and CEO at Fantasy:
“Fantasy answers design ‘what if’”

Madeleine DiBiasi, Senior Producer at Fantasy:
“From China to Fantasy, empowering dreams”