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Meet Inovāt, a small and mighty digital agency

Founded in 2002, Inovāt has helped brands like American Express, Comcast and Ferrari but has recently found their home with what they lovingly call courageous brands.

Who are the courageous?

They are the ones who boldly chart new territory with innovation and grit. They are those who stand before monolithic incumbents intending to rival them with intellect and agility. The courageous are those who seek goodness in the world and hold the determination to work toward good’s end.

We deliver big ideas and even bigger results with more agility and efficiency than larger digital agencies. We succeed because we are good, not because we are big.” – Doug Logan, President.

Bigger isn’t always better. Being small puts Inovāt closer to the decisions that matter and enables them to take action quickly. This gives them the freedom to work with superior talent in a tight-knit environment. They’re passionate technologists and designers – together they have over 60 years of experience spanning two dozen industries.

Their expertise includes:

Strategy: Design and Market Research, Digital Strategy & Innovation, Brand Strategy, Digital Marketing Strategy, Content Strategy and Product Consulting

Design: Branding and Identity, User Experience, Interface Design, Mobile Application Design, Landing Page Optimization, Print & Packaging Design

Marketing: Digital Marketing and Analytics, Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Marketing Automation, Direct Mail and Print Hacking

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Articles and profiles:

Doug Logan, Founder and President:

“We treat clients more like partners”

Joshua Buckwalter, Creative Director:

“Meet the Small and Mighty Agency that is Inovāt”


Alyson Keen, Project Manager:

“Digital communication can sometimes fall short”