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We create digital brand stories and craft killer experiences. At Kworq, we live by story-driven design. From the start of any project, we’re thinking about who our story needs to reach, where it will be shown, and who will empathize with our woven narrative.

We’ve successfully applied this thinking across multiple disciplines with our clients. A brand story designed to reach audiences is no longer a 30 second spot – it’s a website, a video campaign, online interactions, and personalized experiences. Our work builds engagement, brand awareness, and increases returns.

Headquarters: 5 Crosby St, STE 2E, New York, NY 10013

Tel: ​212-380-1455


Staff: 10 – 20

Clients: Verizon, NFL, NBA Players Association, Hickey Freeman, Screen, Anti Anti, Improvd, Red Digital
Cinema, MAC Cosmetics, Interview Magazine, Shindig, Team Penske, Century 21, Calvin Klein, Tory Burch,
Lenny Kravitz, GE, RayBan

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Services: Creative, Design, Strategy, Copywriting, Production, Content Strategy, Branding, Web
Development, UX, UI, Content Production, Social Media & Email Marketing, Video Editing, 2D & 3D Motion
Graphics, Animation, VFX, Color Correction, Interactive & Personalized Experiences, Print, Fabrication.

Articles and profiles:
Chris Sullivan and Guy Peires, Founders of Kworq:
“How to have an ‘anything-can-be-done’ attitude and do anything!”