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“A successful campaign has to work across different channels, digital and none digital, offering a seamless user experience”

London, September 7th, 2016

matt-gibson-cyber-duckCyber-Duck was founded in 2005 by CEO, Danny Bluestone. The digital agency, with offices in London and Hertfordshire, UK, fuses creativity, technical expertise and marketing to provide agile development through lean thinking and its own ISO-accredited user-centered design.

Cyber-Duck has won some of the most sought after industry awards, including the Webby, Wirehive 100 and UX UK Awards. It is also ranked as one of the top five agencies for client satisfaction by The Drum’s Independent Agencies census, as well as being listed in Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 (EMEA).

The agency works with exciting start-ups and global brands such as Cancer Research Technology, The Bank of England and Arsenal FC.

Matt Gibson, Chief Creative Officer tells us more about Cyber-Duck’s cross channel approach to branding design and its applications.

Can you describe your agency in three words?

Strategic; Creative; Innovative

In your opinion, what is a digital trend that is here to stay, at least for the relative time being?

Cross channel user experience is already having a massive impact on design for many companies. Whilst mobile may already be considered ubiquitous and therefore essential to digital strategy, it’s inevitable and only a matter of time before other technologies, such as wearables and connected products, permeate our lives in a similar way.

The speed by which new technology reaches critical mass has exponentially increased. Compare, for instance, how long it took for television to become widely adopted, to the rate in which the Internet, or even mobile phones have become an essential part of our lives. Therefore, we should be planning, if not already designing experiences that take advantage of new technology to provide a seamless journey for our customers.

Companies that aren’t agile enough to the needs and expectations of their customers will be left behind – As the saying goes; you snooze, you lose.

What are the key ingredients for a successful digital campaign?

A successful digital campaign performs well across all channels. For example, we transformed GSK Maxi Nutrition’s digital shopping experience. First, we tackled their existing online shop turning it into a high-performance responsive experience tailored for mobile and tablet users. We also produced a mobile app that seamlessly blurred the lines between physical and digital worlds.

Maxi customers across Europe are now able to scan Maxi posters or actual products to learn about them and, if they want to, the can buy any products directly from the app. This allows Maxi to pursue a fully integrated marketing campaign that linked their digital and print channels.

The results are a substantial increase in mobile traffic through the online store, and more significantly, a 79% uplift in conversions from smart phone and tablet devices.


How did you get started in the industry?

I’ve had a passion for design from an early age. I feel the role of a designer is like that of an engineer – investigating and solving problems and challenges, and making things easier for people to use – something which very much suits my pragmatic personality.

In terms of Web design, I started out building simple websites on Geocities as a teenager in the late Nineties. This gave me the foundation to later on study what we now call user experience (UX) at university.

I joined the company as a fresh-faced graduate in 2007 with several years’ experience in the world of freelancing behind me. From there I grew into the role of CCO. The company has gone from a team of four people to the current one of 40. I feel very lucky to have turned my passion into a career, as a Director at Cyber-Duck.

Are there online publications, professionals, industry leaders you follow?

Within our industry, I often find myself reading and sharing musings from: Frank Chimero, Karen McGrane, Brad Frost, Erik Spiekermann and Donald Norman.

Outside the industry, hands-down, the most inspiring talk on the topic of creativity that I’ve ever seen has to be this gem by John Cleese.

Which cities outside where you live interest you creatively?

NYC, Paris, Reykjavik, Hong Kong. I’d love to visit Tokyo!

Please list a few of your favourite digital brands:

Airbnb, Uber & Get Mondo

Can you tell us about a campaign you worked on that was especially successful?

Recently I’ve been doing more branding work, helping the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI for short) overhaul their branding. IMI are the professional body for driving standards in the automotive sector in the UK, and have been operating since 1920, so a key challenge was to create a smart, contemporary brand, underpinned by the integrity of IMI’s heritage.

As a result of the re-brand project IMI’s position as the authoritative voice of the retail automotive sector was reinforced. This resulted in a 55% increase in consumer awareness, 17% in registered professionals and winner of the best PR campaign at the Association Excellence awards.


By Geny Caloisi.

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