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How to use video narrative for brands’ message

New York, January 24th, 2019

New York-based digital agency Crafted is offering video products as an integral part of its branding proposition.

Video storytelling is one of the most engaging content a brand can leverage to connect with its audience. The goal of Crafted is to create videos and campaigns that help brands stand out from the noise in the market.

They do this by focusing on the narratives behind brands and showing that in visually striking ways. Given the need of brands to create and develop more video content, Crafted has expanded its creative team to include award-winning filmmaker Alex Morsanutto, who has talked to TIA about how video is changing the face of brand communication.

Alex’s narrative work has been shown at numerous film festivals, used for broadcast and has been published on Short of The Week, The Atlantic, No Film School, and FOX Sports. His film, ‘Hi-Glow Retro’, a 70’s inspired disco dramedy, brought home a dozen awards before premiering on Short of the Week.

Before filmmaking, Alex pursued a career in journalism and worked for ABC News. Though he’s moved on to mostly fictional narrative stories, the desire to explore humanity and unique stories is still very much alive. Alex graduated from NYU Tisch with honours, double-majoring in Film/TV Production & Journalism.

Crafted video has a full-time team staff of five people, which consists of award-winning creatives who have worked on all sorts of media from TV shows to Super Bowl commercials.

When a client comes with a brief, can you tell if the story will be described better with moving images than with other interactive interfaces?

We live in a very visual time where people want information told fast and in a compelling way. We’re here to tell original stories through original content and brands can capture a lot through interactive video experiences.

In the past, we’ve used the interactive interfaces as a way for users to actively participate in projects. But sometimes, people do not know what they want, and a video can help inspire them to give them direction.

Where do you start to plan a video?

At Crafted, video has become such an essential and integral part of our process that we like to plan video as a critical component to the campaign and branding package up front to help roll out the client’s content to meet their brand’s needs.

How does video production design process differ from other digital communications forms?

At its core, we approach each video project with the same attention to detail as if it were any other design or branding project.

However, video production differs, as it is one of the most collaborative art forms, which means on larger projects there are a lot more creatives involved than our other digital forms.

What are the steps you take on the creation of a video?

We believe projects are done in pre-production, which means we like to do a lot of planning upfront. We create scripts, storyboards, mood boards, and visual treatments so that there are no surprises when we deliver to the client. If our client can see the video we’d like to create for them in the pre-production materials, then there is a high probability that we’ll deliver a video that they are happy with.

With video cameras ready at our fingertips, thanks to smartphones, everyone thinks it can produce videos, are we in danger of over flooding the market?

Yes and No. I agree that the market is flooded with videos every day, just look at YouTube. But how many of those videos are high quality and have smart creative, which will make you want to learn more about a brand or company? There are few and far in-between. The cream will always rise to the top.

What first drew you to the creative field?

As a kid, I’d always go to the movies for fun with my siblings. We’d go into a matinee and hop around movies until it got dark out. My love for movies is why I love what I do. In eighth grade, I started making YouTube videos with my siblings.

After I learned that people make a living making videos, I ran towards that career and never looked back. Though, at a smaller scale with branded content and commercials, it still shares the same goal of telling a compelling story.

What is your personal definition of creativity?

Creativity is working within and without limitations. Anyone can make a video when the budget is a million dollars. But real creativity comes out when the dollars are thin, and you need to think outside of the box to create a compelling story. There is no right or wrong, creativity is subjective, and there is a passenger for every train.

Do you consider yourself a team player?

Filmmaking is a collaborative art and very much like a team sport. I have to be a team player if I want to be a successful creator because I am only as successful as the team I surround myself with.

What are your favourite digital brands?

Nike, Geico, and Netflix.

What do you like doing in your free time?

I believe you can only be as creative as the stimuli you take in so I try to travel as much as I can, read new materials, stay up to date with the latest TV shows/ films, and jump into new experiences.

Thanks Alex!

By Geny Caloisi.

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