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The power of the near-by ‘O-FERTA’ attraction

Moscow, October 18th, 2018

Brazilian start-up Near2 Solutions, a company focused on proximity marketing campaigns, wanted not only attracts customers but also convert them. Near2 Solutions created a sales platform called O’FERTA, which delivers proximity campaigns to mobile apps based on various triggers, including location, purchase history and beacons, to name but a few. The only ingredient missing to make its technology complete was a functional and easy to use UX. Luckily they knew just the agency for the job: M2H.

Alexei Rezvanov, M2H’s MD, shared with us the ins and outs of the project: “O-FERTA is a lucrative and inexpensive digital marketing tool that allows various offline businesses to market their goods and services to the wide audience of smartphone users,” explains Alexei, “The O-FERTA mobile app for iOS and Android, shows marketing campaigns with promotional offers and discounts based on their location and contact with triggers. Near2 Solutions clients can publish these marketing campaigns in the O’FERTA web application instantly, and they can also see statistics and measure results.

When M2H and Near2 Solutions started working together on the O’FERTA project, they found the partnership easy and straightforward from the beginning.

Alexei says, “Being the expert in the field, and technologically savvy, Near2 Solutions knew exactly what they wanted to achieve and came to us after our main expertise – expressive and minimalistic UI Design.”

How did they find you?

There was no tender for this project – we were selected because of our portfolio as we had already done a similar project with proximity marketing campaign, called Deals.

One of the best clients to have, for us, is one with a project in a field where we already have experience. We’ve learned that, when we enter in a new field, we have to stay in the safe side. If you are going into unknown territory, it’s better to start small. You never know when you might encounter some hidden traps, which could affect the general project’s budget and delay development process, disappointing the client at the same time.

How did you tackle the brief for O’FERTA?

We have our methodology for briefs. We take all the material that the client provides us with and then structure our own briefs. There are several reasons for doing this: first of all, our team is used to reading documents structured in a certain way. By doing this, nobody needs to waste time researching within a report to find what’s relevant to his or her work.

Secondly, by writing our briefs, we can make sure that we haven’t overlooked any vital information. If things are missing, the white spaces will be glaring at us, waiting to be filled so that we know we have a complete brief. To develop the project, we use a clean waterfall model, where every next stage starts after the previous one has been completed. This method saves us significant time in changes and iterations.

This methodology can also help our clients to understand our work process. They will be aware of our deliverables at every stage and know what it is required from them to initiate the project. We always give them a Project Roadmap memo.

What was the design process?

We approach the design in several steps:
a) Concept
b) Concept review and tailoring
c) Inner pages
d) Animation

O-FERTA was a fascinating and unusual project for us, the client approved everything in the concept except the logo, which they liked very much but couldn’t take for themselves as this logo, which was a crown was a copyrighted logotype of one local shoe brand. We had to tailor the concept with an alternative.

Are they/ or you tracking the evolution of the app? How?

O’FERTA is proving very successful, getting one retailer after another signing up in the local Brazilian market. We have finished the development of the iOS and Android apps. The admin panel is all done. Now we are working together as one team supporting all activities and updating the apps on regular bases. We still have a long list of new features we would like to implement.

What is your/their measure of success?

Before O’FERTA, we classed a successful app as one that was “good looking and stable working.” Since O-FERTA, the bar has been raised. Good looking and stable is good, but now we can also say that we can track and see new user acquisition and user retention.

As part of the project, we are implementing several Big-Data integrations and new marketing instruments to keep O-FERTA best in its field. The app should remain an attractive partner for any company interested in digital marketing on mobile platforms.

What’s next?

As an agency, we strive to have long-term and loyal clients, as it is the case with Near2 Solutions. In fact, we planned to develop several new apps for the Brazilian market, but since O-FERTA is growing so fast, we have to focus on this project first.

We are building a team of developers and managers to be dedicated exclusively to this project. This will allow us to improve our expertise in long-term relations, which is the must-have for every agency interested to stay in business for a long time.

Thanks Alexei!

By Geny Caloisi.

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