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“We strive to instil a robust creative culture in our agency”

New York, March 7th, 2019

Andrew Ruditser co-founder and CEO New York agency MAXBURST, has been featured in the New York Times, INC Magazine, Huffington Post, and is a regular contributor for Fast Company.

Being at the helm of the agency doesn’t stop Andrew following his team’s creativity building process. Founded in 2007, MAXBURST can be considered a seasoned agency with a wealth of project under its belt. Andrew shares with TIA the key steps for sustainable creative outputs and products.

How would you define your agency’s building process?

We break up all custom development processes into front-end and back-end development. We start coding all our projects using HTML5 and Javascript. From there we will send all these coded assets to our back-end development team for plugging into a content management platform such as WordPress.

There are also multiple rounds of Q&A conducted during both Front-End and Back-End development.

Could you please describe MAXBURST’s design stages?

We use a 5-step design process, which includes:
Identify – Our design process starts with understanding our client’s business objectives and goals. From there we develop a detailed timeline and project plan.

Research – We conduct extensive research on the client’s industry, competitors, audience, and interview internal key players to construct a simple strategy and design.

UX/UI – We develop a sitemap and wireframe for the project. This helps us define the key features, functionalities, and structure of the new website and allows us to convey this accurately for design.

Content Strategy – We work collaboratively with our client’s team to determine what content is necessary and useful for the new website as well as where it should be placed for maximum impact.

Design – We design the graphics and visual elements needed to bring your website live.

What’s the secret to connecting specific emotional responses with a visual form?

Every design communicates a specific message and a tone. We strive to understand our client’s particular emotional connection to their audience so that we can imagine an effective visual form.

We pay close attention to visual-emotional cues such as colour, words, usability, readability, and shapes. When designing a website, these visual cues are specific types of emotional engagements that we create with the overall aesthetic.

Determining the right tone and emotional impact is one of the first discussions at the start of any web design project.

What challenges do you face today in your agency / with your team?

As with any agency we face some regular challenges, that we both expect, and plan for. Managing and maintaining growth and talent; differentiation in technology and design as an agency, along with always keeping ahead of the game.

How would you describe the creative culture of your agency?

We always strive to instil a robust creative culture in our agency. The key elements we promote are: respect, collaboration, flexible working hours and vacation days, team diversity, encourage disagreement, and emphasis on a strong fun-factor.

How is that culture cultivated and maintained?

Our operations managers maintain the company culture. They help us make this vision a reality.

Thanks Andrew!

By Geny Caloisi.

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