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Give your team the energy to go beyond their limit

Paris, September 27th, 2018

With offices in London and Paris, makemepulse is an interactive production company, using different tools such as augmented reality, artificial intelligence and emerging technologies to connect consumers and brands.

The agency aims to create content, utilities and platforms that are memorable, valuable, engaging and continuous. It has received many awards for their work across the board, from web and app development to virtual reality productions.

Speaking to TIA, Antoine Ughetto, Co-founder and Head of Innovation, described what it means to be a leader at makemepulse and his approach to develop talent, while describing the role played by innovation.

What important things or experiences have brought you to where you are today?

I always wanted to create something and control my fate. It’s more about opportunities and where we wanted to position the company. To take the opportunities when you see them and don’t wait for luck, make your own.

How do you know that you are leading, and leading well?

Quite a difficult question! The most important thing is to give a vision, a direction for the company that will galvanise the people who are working with you. It’s hard, it’s long, but leading is quite a journey! Vision is not enough.

You need to be close to your team, be helpful when needed and give them the energy to go beyond their limit.. You have to be everywhere and to be at 100% every time, not easy.

What is your approach to motivating and developing talent?

We truly believe in people. Our approach is to use different things to help them progress personally. We have trust in people. We know that they will be able to progress and develop new skills with our help. We will never put someone in a difficult position. We create a positive environment, where people know that they won’t be alone to do their job. Each person has a mentor, so once again, if you are in difficulties, you know that someone in the team will have the answer or will help you find it.

As a production company, we are lucky enough to have different types of projects which require different types of knowledge. So new projects are the best way to motivate people because we always try to find new stuff to do. It could be quite hard sometimes, but we know that these new things are the best way to learn and develop our in-house team of talent.

How do you help a new employee understand the culture of your organization?

It’s more of a global thing than a one to one thing. We are quite clear on the fact you are joining a team, and that it’s not segmented. Everybody talks to everybody, and we love to think that mmp is one collaborative family.

What role does innovation play in your agency?

Innovation is what define us, it’s what we sell. Innovation isn’t something new for us. It’s at the root of our company, at all stages: production, management, sales. Our culture really does focus on learning and curiosity, it’s part of the day to day work here.

What are the upcoming trends you expect to see regarding innovation?

Voice will be big. At the moment it’s a little bit early and expectations are really higher than what’s possible, but we just have a to wait a little bit before the technology become more mature. The last innovation from Nvidia blows our mind here. The real time ray tracing is really impressive and brings 3D to the next level. We are already working on it here and can’t wait to show what’s possible with this technology.

What advice would you give someone going into a leadership position for the first time?

Try to listen as much as you can. People won’t expect you to tell them everything they have to do, they will expect that you help them solve their problems.

Thanks Antoine!

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