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DISKO sends Space Invaders to capture audiences

Paris, April 12th, 2017

At seven years of age, digital communication agency DISKO currently employs 100 people, and has no intention to stop growing.

Its reach spans from France, in Paris, and Montpellier, to Milan, Italy and Barcelona, Spain. All four languages can be found on DISKO’s website with interesting and up to date content, showing that the company puts its money where its mouth is.

DISKO’s expertise includes content, data and CRM, mobile / online shopping, real time marketing, digital media and social activation.

At the helm of DISKO is founder and CEO Davy Tessier, steering the wheel towards an agile innovative approach, focusing on creativity and technological innovation. Enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge and expertise, Davy in in charge of the Digital Specialisation department at the INSEEC institute in Paris and is a very well loved and respected lecturer on the subject. Some of his students do internships at DISKO and some also stay on as employees.

DISKO has designed and delivered digital campaigns to clients such as Bollinger, Société Générale, Pierre Hermé Paris, L’Oréal, Carrefour, Ferrero, Sephora, Chopard, Warner, and SNCF.
According to Davy, the first question the team asks itself when starting a project is ‘Will it work?’ The evidence seems to show that even outlandish ideas can work -even with conservative clients, as long as they have a sound framework behind it.

A good example is the new gamification campaign DISKO has created for Société Générale, were its latest credit cards feature the retro video game Space Invaders and it is accompanied by a strong multichannel social media presence. Check #CBSpaceInvaders for some cool posts.

Davy’s love affair with technology stated at the tender age of 14, when he learned basic programming and managed to make his computer say; “Hello World.” He confesses that his inspiration comes from the huge possibilities that one can find through dedication and hard work.

“Coming from an immigrate and hard-workers family, work has never been an option,” says Davy and adds, “I understood this from an early age. This has made me appreciate work and has given me a sense of responsibility that has allowed my business to flourish.”

However, he admits that good things don’t just happen instantly. “I was raised by artisans. From my parents I have learned the importance of being patient. I also developed a keen eye for detail and the key of success: client’s satisfaction.

Davy’s wisdom has also grown as he expanded his horizons, “I travelled a lot and met different cultures and ways of living… This has definitely opened my mind and shaped how I consider what’s important, and what’s not.”

His energy and drive are palpable at DISKO, but what happens when he’s not around?

“Every time I open Slack, I am surrounded by solicitations…” confesses Davy, “But when I’m not available, or I am not in the office, I can see that people can very well resolve things by themselves. I can then rest assured that I am leading DISKO well, because I see the team doing the best for the clients and projects; finding new ways of working and innovating.”

Davy’s favourite part of his job is: the diversity of subjects, meeting new people and solving business challenges. What he dislikes is: having to repeat things “again and again” and not having a boss to whom he can delegate problems – as they say, it can be lonely at the top.

Amongst its favourite projects Davy recalls the one DISKO carried out for the French Socialist Party and their IT department, where they designed and implemented innovative tools to manage their political campaign in real time.

DISKO was involved in the global management of the 2011 Socialist primaries and 2012 presidential election using a custom campaign management tool: live voting feedback, 2.5 million voters, a database of 40 million contacts. They created a CRM and data mining. They also got involved on the marketing and smart emailing. DISKO designed and developed a blogging platform, Facebook and Drupal application.

Can you describe your agency in three words?

Innovation, Agility & Guts

What is your approach to motivating and developing talent?

Trust, autonomy and fun parties.

What are a few resources you would recommend to someone looking to gain insight into becoming a better leader?

I read many books written by great leaders, as Tony Hsieh, Dave Logan or John King and I’m in a CEOs’ group. We meet once a month, have great exchanges about management, life, and we attend conferences by specialists from very different environments. All this gives me inspiration and perspectives.

And in order to stay relax and healthy, I need to practice a lot of sports, two or three times a week, without fail.

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

None! Other I would have tried it!

By Geny Caloisi.

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