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Ken Braun: “We are ego-free at Lounge Lizard”

New York, July 14th, 2017


As Aristotle said “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” You know when you are looking at a great digital project because there is a little bit of magic happening before your eyes. Your senses are triggered, emotions emerge and most importantly, you remember it.

Lounge Lizard is an agency capable of bringing a bit of magic to the digital realm. We spoke to Ken Braun, founder and Chief Creative Officer at Lounge Lizard to let us into his formula.

What is your design process?

It starts with branding. Branding is one of the most important ingredients to the success of any business. It tells customers who you are and distinguishes you from your competitors. Next is UX design. We focus on overall usability, ease of use, and the interaction between the user and product and/or service offering to create engagement, social interaction, and sales. Finally is UI design.

Can you define your agency’s project building stages?

1. Work with clients you believe you can help

2. Work with clients you like

3. Have fun doing great work

4. Create digital marketing campaigns that grow your clients revenue

5. Celebrate success with your clients

6. Repeat

Keeping up the pace of success is not for the faint hearted. Ken shared with TIA the key ingredients for a winning digital campaign:

1. Understand the target audience

2. Research the competition

3. Identify the unique selling propositions

4. Create powerful and creatively unique imagery and headlines

5. Create a strong call to action

6. Get the campaign in front of the right audience

7. Test the creative

8. Maximise conversions

9. Repeat from the top


Do you consider yourself a team player?

I do. Non-team players usually have a big ego. We are ego-free at Lounge Lizard. I can’t stress the importance of collaboration with all different types of people and skill sets.

Everyone walk to a different beat and has different ideas. I love hearing different takes on a concept, a design, or a UX strategy. Some of our best work was created as a team effort.

How would you describe the creativity culture at your agency?

The agency culture is pretty loose and the environment is very creative. The office is designed very “Lounge Like” and we have the wood floors and brick wall thing happening. There are a lot of tattoos at Lounge Lizard for sure and music is always playing in everyone’s headphones.

How is that culture cultivated and maintained?

A couple times a year I rent a party bus limo and take the staff to an amusement park or winery. We all work really hard and I think it’s important to hang out in a non-work setting to keep the “Human Connection”.

What challenges do you face today in your agency/ with your team?

The only challenge is getting a client that wants to be the creative director and have full control over the “entire design” and not listen to any of our recommendations. It only happens once a year so it’s OK.


Thanks Ken!

By Geny Caloisi.

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