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“Never miss deadlines with a fast working pace”

Manhattan Beach, October 23rd, 2017

Leader in transformational branding, web and digital solutions, Isadora digital agency has gone through a fast growth since its start in 2009, providing companies with quality marketing tools that connect their brands with audiences worldwide.

The California-based agency has so far worked with small businesses and Fortune 500 brands alike in areas such as consumer products, real-estate, global merchandising, global news and media, technology, retail and education, among many others. A lot of work but always with good results and many awards because of it.

The fast-pace and creative work of the agency were some of the reasons that drove Michael Fruta to Isadora as a Digital Producer. In an interview with TIA, Fruta highlights the quality-work done at the agency and gives pointers towards earning the trust from your customers and being as much digital as possible.

How did Isadora become a central part of your career?

As a kid, I used to build websites for fun, and I made friends all over the world with the same hobby. In college, I worked as a web programmer, and after graduating continued doing web strategy and management within higher education. The Isadora Agency website blew me away; I reached out Isadora seeking fast-paced, highly creative work, and it’s exactly what I got!

What is the best way to earn trust from customers? What are the best practices to develop excellent customer relationship?

Show that you’re listening to clients and engage them in conversation about their products. Even seemingly one-sided presentations feel better when they’re collaborative: ask for gut reactions and input as you make recommendations to keep clients engaged.

What tools do you use to plan your activities as well as that of your team?

Our team runs on easy to use tools such as Skype, JIRA and our very own proprietary Isadora dashboard.

How do you organize and prioritise your workload?

Every day, there are going to be high-priority tasks to take care of. Filling smaller chunks of time with other items that might not need to be done until later saves everyone time down the road and keeps projects flowing smoothly, even in the face of unforeseen requests and changes in direction.

What is your communication style with your team?

We work in pretty close quarters, so we’re a tight-knit crew—literally! We make sure to round out task assignments and shop talk with fidget spinner tricks and, lately, a beach ball tossed around the office. We keep it pretty casual, and as such we’re able to be frank when it comes to workflow needs to keep our process going.

Can you give me an example of when you have worked with multiple clients at the same time and how you managed?

Working with multiple clients on multiple projects is the nature of my job. I try to set aside time each day to touch on each project, and keep in mind each client’s communication preferences and the best days and times to chat. That means an occasional early morning or late lunch, especially when juggling clients in different time zones, but that’s the name of the game.

What are a few resources you would recommend to someone looking to gain insight into becoming a better leader?

I’m not sure I can recommend any specific resources, but it helps to know your team well and be able to put yourself in their shoes. Everyone brings a different perspective, a set of goals, approach to obstacles, and response to feedback—and none of them are wrong. I think it’s valuable for every leader to examine their own biases, quell their own egos (without diminishing confidence), and figure out how to use each member’s unique skills to benefit the whole group.

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

I’ve always loved baking, but I’m a night owl, not an early bird. And I hate washing dishes. I make sure my coworkers get a taste of my insomniac experiments, and I’m the (self-designated) office birthday cake-maker.

Where do you go if you want to get inspired?

Museums and concerts inspire me. I’ve never been artistically or musically inclined, and it’s always refreshing to see someone exhibit a talent I might never possess, especially when their work makes me think or feel in unexpected ways.

Thanks Michael!

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