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Amazing storytelling marketing campaign examples from real stories

With the rapidly expansion of technology and social media, businesses marketing had to find a way to keep vividly the interest of consumers. One of the keys for marketing departments of a brand to survive on different social media platforms has been practicing the beautiful art of storytelling.

We could describe the concept as the act of finding a story that your consumer would like to be part of and eventually, sign up to your story, your brand. The main aim behind storytelling is to connect with the customers. It seeks to generate closeness, empathy and develop connections with users whose way of consuming products has changed and are not willing to consume the way they did before.

But why is this technique still so important nowadays? And why should your brand invest on it? It is known that telling the right brand narrative, has the power to increase the value of your business’s product or service by over 20 times. Therefore, brands’ stories that excite audiences in this way, see a huge return on their investment, as customers start to feel involved, and more likely to buy. Some advantages? It will give your brand its own identity, it will help the customer to better identify a brand, it will update the brand image and one very important reason, this form of marketing can be used in emailing, newsletters, landing pages, spots, banners, retargeting, SMS or social networks.

Certainly, the results can be electrifying. Lets dive into 8 examples from brands that have been nailing with social storytelling.


For its 2013 Search campaign, they based on the 1947 India-Pakistan partition that led into divided countries, separated friends and families overnight.


Also based on a true story, a girl tells the experience of her father who was a guard on the west-side of the Berlin Wall back in 1987.


The lovely story between a father and its little girl, who is far away from his family for being in war.

Extra Gum

A young couple that fell in love in high-school and their story through the years.


It looks like a trailer for an upcoming film, but The Tale of Thomas Burberry is a 3 minute commercial about the 160 years in the making of Burberry.


Beautiful and touching campaign about the importance of never give up on your dreams.

John Lewis

This advert is inspired by the most important value as a child, imagination, to talk about Christmas.


Certainly one of the best commercials of the chocolate brand, the advert shows how was Christmas back in the First World War.

What would you add to our selection? Have you made any campaign through storytelling?
We’d love to hear it, so feel free to leave us a comment below.