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Iconix joins forces with Avex on new projects

In alliance with NYC digital agency Avex Designs, premier brand management company Iconix Brand Group (ICON) launched a new company website and also developed new platforms for many of its core brands such as PONY, Rocawear and Starter, showing an overall revitalized customer experience.

Iconix houses a large portfolio of industries including fashion, sports, entertainment, and home. The company specializes in marketing, merchandising, and licensing, having 1,100 licenses that sell a cross various distribution channels. Their brands range from mass tier to luxury, as well as other media outlets.

Avex helped Iconix create a platform to showcase its grand family of fashion, home and technology brands on their new responsive company website, experimenting with modern and user friendly designs. It’s a new immersive digital experience, helping Iconix connect with their target audience.

As part of their partnership, Avex has also worked on the needs of some of Iconix’s core brands, such as Starter, which needed a new design for Black Label and Active, two of its brands. The new Starter website com tells the story of the brand though parallax scrolling, full width imagery, and custom typography. It’s a fully responsive mobile platform.

In the case of Pony, Avex worked with the men’s sneaker brand to to develop a digital conversion platform in the form of a magento eCommerce website. Avex shifted the focus to user experience, design, and a new backend system. Once launched, there was a drastic increase in online sales and traffic, giving users control over their shopping experience.

A new minimal responsive website was designed for the men’s company brand Artful Dodger, using a mobile first approach. The goal was to increase brand awareness so Avex focused on high resolution, full width photographs to help tell the brands story and showcase the new collection. Similar was the case of Waverly, a home lifestyle brand that needed a website to exhibit their products and developed a product finder through Avex, and of the apparel brand Rocawear, which relaunched its main website with the help of Avex and started and online publication.

“The partnership between Iconix Brand Group and Avex offers endless possibilities and working together allows for successful collaboration between strategic business and design, highlighting the importance of user friendly, intuitive design,” representatives from Iconix and Avex highlighted.

About Avex Designs, LLC: Avex is a Creative Digital Agency in New York City that partners with brands, agencies and start-ups to create engaging experiences. From strategy and consulting to design and development, we’re more than just an agency. We’re your next digital partner.

About Iconix Brand Group: Iconix Brand Group (ICON) is the world’s premier brand management company and owner of a diversified portfolio of strong global consumer brands across fashion, sports, entertainment, and home. Iconix specializes in marketing, merchandising and licensing its brand portfolio and has over 1,100 licenses with leading retailers and manufacturers worldwide that sell across various distribution channels from the mass tier to the luxury market, as well as through various media outlets.