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Cristal Festival – Bec Summit

Cristal Festival – Bec Summit


Location:            Courchevel, France

Focus:                  international industry leaders + major advertisers

Date:                    9th to 13th of December 2015


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The Cristal Festival is a international advertising Festival created in 2001. The Festival brings together global industry leaders as well as major advertisers.

The Festival in a nutshell:

  • Mixed jury of international agencies and major advertisers,
  • A unique convivial format that promotes networking, with dedicated concierge services for introductions and meetings (all luncheons & dinners taking place within walking distance of each other),
  • A smaller scale event that reflects the seniority of the attendees and promotes debate and knowledge sharing,
  • A Festival that draws a close the creative year and sets the tone for next year’s trends & innovations.

Cristal Festival-Digital-Agencies


Location:            Courchevel, France

Focus:                  Global industry leaders of the brand entertainment sector + major global advertisers

Date:                    16th to 17th of December 2014


The two day Summit will welcome industry leaders from the Brand Entertainment industry (content producers, advertising, Media & Content agencies, talents agencies, media, media platforms, broadcasters…) to demonstrate the strong  correlations between brands and content. The event will cover all the aspects of the brand entertainment industry from creative (music, video, experiential, gaming…), technological (social network, data…) to distribution (content assets and value). The Summit will also include advertisers, enabling them to better understand the importance of investing in Brand Entertainment projects.

The Summit in a nutshell:

  • A global competition showcasing the best worldwide creative works in the Brand Entertainment field,
  • Entertaining high level conferences & workshops,
  • Networking opportunities centred around advertisers,
  • A hub  to spot and showcase Talent (directors, composers, scriptwriters…)

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