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“UX designers have to be all over the place”

Amsterdam, June 28th, 2018

With offices in London, Amsterdam and Paris, Chunk is an international creative agency leading brands into a digital world. It blends thought leadership with an open culture and a collaborative approach. For Chunk, everybody can do better, using smarter communication and achieving stronger results.

Over the years, Chunk has been awarded internationally and was chosen Nº1 digital agency in the Emerce Top 100 Agencies. The agency has worked for a wide array of clients, including Google, Phillips, Hema, Vodafone, ING and Newmotion, among many others.

In an interview with TIA, Jordi Wesche, UX designer at Chunk, gives us a sneak peek on the daily work at the agency and the key challenges in his specific tasks. Wesche describes his design process and gives tips for recent grands looking to start in the design industry.

What has been your professional path so far and what drove you to Chunk agency?

Five years of freelancing in the domain of marketing, communications, design and copywriting. I was looking for a creative agency where I could really puzzle over projects and being part of a “creative family”. The challenge was succeeded within Chunk.

What makes for a remarkable piece of content and how does the user fit in that content?

Finding the balance between user insights and freedom of creativity. In this era when “measurement is the key to knowledge” I believe the most important thing is to look for boundaries and to dare to make something special that stands out and is relevant.

What is your design process? Describe what methods you follow?

User interviews, empathy map, customer journey, skeletons (freehand – first concept), wireframes (from low to high-fi) in close colaboration with visual designers. Qualitative user testing with prototypes.

How do you work design taking into account your target and users?

By testing my designs and by making a lot of assumptions. (Asking non-designer colleagues, friends or my mom).

How can you create new user experiences with the new technologies available?

By designing experiences from a “full-body” perspective. Design for all the human senses and try combining them with different technologies until you find the sweet spot.

What role does user experience play on AR campaigns?

I’m not working on any AR projects at the moment, I can imagine UX is essential for their way and needs will be a perfect balance between usability and the user’s imagination.

What would you say will be the next big trend in the UX Design industry?

It’s not a trend, it is design thinking which keeps growing to create solutions for diverse user touchpoints domain. (Exceeding the world of “digital” design).

What are the current challenges that you face in UX design?

Being all over the place. UX designer are in need for all users’ touchpoints project from the brand. You’re the devil’s advocate for architecture of the product/service your working closely with multidisciplinary teams and divisions.

What piece of advice would you give a recent grad looking to work in digital industry?

Make learning a habit. Not just at the office, question yourself about the things you see around you – communication and design are everywhere. Teach yourself to ask “why and how did they do this?”.

Thanks Jordi!

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